My name is Chris Haden and I am a Remittance Man. What, exactly, is a Remittance Man?

In days gone by, those with any substantial estate to leave behind commonly left it to the oldest son. This way, the estate remained intact rather that getting carved into oblivion by subsequent generations. Follow-on sons recieved little from the estate. The Army and the priesthood were considered appropriate avenues for these younger sons. Those who chose not to pursue these outlets were given a remittance, an allowance, to insure that they could live comfortably without actually having to go to work. I spent 20 years in the military and now that I have retired, they send me a remittance each month so that I shan"t starve.  I have used my remittance to see what the world has to offer.

Let me introduce myself

I am currently in my seventies. The path I followed to get here has been full of surprising twists and turns.

I am three-times married; once divorced, once widowed. I have been married to Jackie since 2009 and she has been a real treat. She is yin to my yang. We have been together 24/7 for years now and there is no sign we are tiring of one another. 

 Jackie and I have been pretty fluid in our years together. We have lived and travelled in RV's three different times since we married. We have also lived in Arizona, Tennessee, California and Texas. We have now returned to southeast Arizona again.

In my youth, I enlisted in the U.S. Army and was selected to attend Officer Candidate School. I received my commision as a second lieutenant in February, 1967.I was assigned to the First infantry Division in Vietnam later that year and found myself in the middle of the Tet offensive of 1968. I left the Army in 1969 and tried my hand at commercial flying, the business world, public relations, laborer on a flower farm and construction before returning to the military. I retired in 2000 and have been walking the earth ever since.

I have travelled to most of the states and some fifteen foreign countries. all of these varied experiences have made me the photographer I am today. I try to capture the beauty in the world. Lord knows, there is enough ugly around us but I will leave the chroniciling of that to others. I strive to produce art so I am not, strictly speaking, a nature photographer, even though most of my images are of natural subjects. I don't just take pictures. I make photographs. If that means altering reality a bit, I am OK with that. 

On this site you will find the first chapter of Chasing Charlene, a novel I wrote after my second wife was taken by cancer. It has received consistently good reviews. Should you wish to read the rest, you can find a Kindle version on Amazon for $2.99. In addition, I have included some of my works for sale. If you would like one but the size of media doesn't meet your requirements, email me and we'll work out an alternative. Enjoy!

This is me, Chris Haden, sailing off the coast of Dana Point, California several years ago.


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Hello Chris, I was in your shop a couple of weeks ago and bought a painting by Pat Cahill. I need to contact the Realtor office across from you. Would you please give me her contact info. Thank you.

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Chris Haden

the realtor is Linda North of Humboldt Trinity real estate. (707) 786-9777. Good luck, Chris